Making Solar Accessible
to the Dairy Sector

SolarPipo is a one-stop-shop partner for solar projects in Uganda’s dairy sector value chain. We are an intermedairy aiming to unburden dairy customers’ process of acquiring solar systems for cooling, water pumps and other productive uses.

Partners Access Solar

What we do

Our comprehensive services include innovative customer centered solar financing solutions, accurate solar system design, systems installation, technical assistance and system maintenance backed up by data insights in the dairy sector and solar systems operations.

We provide end-users, typically dairy cooperatives, farms, farmers, milk processing plants, milk cooperatives and milk value addition businesses access to a cost-effective and reliable alternative to the grid or diesel generators.

Who we work with


We are working with several parties to provide funding for loans/ grants/ subsidies such as development finance Institutions, impact investors, cooperatives, foundations, individuals and other institutional investors to finance solar projects in the Uganda dairy sector.

Dairy businesses

We facilitate solar systems financing by lending to dairy cooperatives, farmers and businesses in Uganda that need access to debt financing to switch to solar energy. We also work with local partners that know the dairy sector and are active in supporting the sector.

Solar project developers

We work with a network of preselected professional solar suppliers and installers within Uganda but also on the international level.



Dairy Cooperative

Baitambogwe Dairy Co-operative Society Limited

Location: Gomba district-Buyanja Village, Uganda
Funding Needed: € 46.000
System Repayment Period: 5 Years
Funding Use: Installation of 3,000 liters Solar powered milk cooler.
Proposed Solar System Size: 20KVA


Baitambogwe Dairy Co-operative Society Limited began as a group of 30 members in 2002 and it became an association in 2005. The co-op formally registered with the registrar of co-operatives on 3rd May 2011 ...

€ 46.000 Fully Funded

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Dairy Cooperative

Rwigi Dairy Farmers Cooperative Society

Location: Rwigi, Kazo District, Western Uganda, Uganda
Funding Needed: € 93,857.40
System Repayment Period:5 Years
Funding Use: Installation of a solar system for milk cooling and irrigation.
Proposed Solar Energy System Size: 15KVA


The co-operative has grown from 8 members in 2012 to 40 by end of 2019 who own shares in the co-operative according and ...

€ 93,857.40 to go

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Data Insights

Dairy Business Mapping

Each customer profile has been generated with geo cordinates and represented on a map to easily locate the customer by the clients

Data analytics and representation

Our Platform also offers data analytics for our clients giving them an overview of their activities.

Individual Customer System Sizing/Requirements

This feature helps a customer to know which type of system will be best suitable for them after calculating their energy needs.

Customer Support

We provide support for those that have queries about our services and help to resolve issues between clients and customers.


Dairy Coop Profiles


Energy Demand


Tonnes of CO2 Saved per Project per Year


Projects Underway

How it works


Identification of Dairy Projects

SolarPipo identifies and assesses existing businesses in the dairy sector who have been capable to increase their milk production by having cooling equipment powered by generators. Replacing these generators would boost the profitability of their business and reduce pollution of carbon dioxide and noise from diesel generators. In addition there would be cheap electricity for households and small businesses. This would help to avoid young adults moving away to find employment in the bigger cities or abroad.


Energy Needs Assessment

SolarPipo assesses all available project and business data, including on physical building or farm design, current and (if possible) future energy use. This ideally includes: Electricity/fuel bills for as many recent periods as possible, load profile (i.e. electricity usage) over 24hrs (day/night) / over week (week days/weekends) / over year (dry / rainy season), number or types of users, data on outages and appliances usage.


System Design

SolarPipo designs a system in broad terms that will address the energy needs identified by the businesses, including addressing growth options, technologies available, etc. The businesses in dialogue would provide feedback on the system design.


Solar Project bidding and Quotations

Three companies from our network of preselected professional solar suppliers and installers within Uganda but also on the international level provide us quotations for project. We will then choose which installer and supplier to work with.


Solar Project Implementation

SolarPipo will arrange to finance the installation of the technology at the dairy business site. That offer, if it proceeds, will include details about repayment rate, repayment period and repayment currency.
The project will then be sent to the SolarPipo fundraising partners and once vetted and approved, the funds will be made available by partners, equipment bought and installation will be carried out.


Installation, Electricity Generation and Payback

Once funding for the project is secured, installation is done by the selected supplier and the dairy projects start using the electricity. They pay back the agreed installments on the specified dates.

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