Frank Farm Estates

 freshian cattle


Frank-Farm Estates is a family owned and run business that was founded as early as 1960 and was officially upgraded from just a family holding into a registered business by the second generation of directors (and current managers) in 2010. The estate sits on 1920 acres of land and is situated at Bariita in Lugushulu subcounty, Sembabule district.

  • Location
  • Funding Needed
  • Proposed Solar Energy System Size
  • Funding Use
  • :Sembabule, Western Uganda, Uganda
  • :€ 106,249.00
  • :60kW
  • :Installation of solar systems for milk cooling and irrigation.

Activities and current energy situation

Frank Farm Estates is a company running cereal, breeding and dairy projects in Sembabule, Western Uganda. They are exploring the option of switching to renewable energy and cutting costs. They have 3 milk cooling plants which run on 3 diesel generators. Each generator uses 20 liters of diesel a day costing $20 and so all the 3 plants on average cost them $1,800 a month.

Each liter of diesel produces about 5kw so in a day that brings us to usage of 100kW at each plant. The way they power the generators and do the cooling is an inefficient cooling system in place.


Mentor Capital
Global Energy National Award