Rwigi Dairy Farmers Cooperative Society

 cattle feeds making


The co-operative has grown from 8 members in 2012 to 40 by end of 2019 who own shares in the co-operative according and has one milk coolers of 3000 liters capacity.

  • Location
  • Funding Needed
  • Proposed Solar Energy System Size
  • Funding Use
  • :Rwigi, Kazo District, Western Uganda,
  • :€ 93,857.40
  • :15KVA
  • :Installation of a solar system for milk cooling and irrigation

Activities, products and services

Collective milk bulking and marketing; got from members as well as non-members. Currently collecting between 100 to 250 Liters per day depending on the season. Getting it from 15-30 farmers. Why low volumes? Long distances hence transport costs are high yet there are low volumes, less milk produced by farmers, high farm gate prices, lack milk handling equipment like coolers, cans, poor milk handling in non-members because they lack the skills to handle milk, inadequate transport means.


Mentor Capital
Global Energy National Award